St Mary Parish

First I would like to suggest that you start with one of the previosly well known attractions in this area. This will be the Swamp Gardens that was located across from the visitors center at 725 Myrtle St. in Morgan City. LA. This was tourist attraction that started in 1972, but is no longer there. I left it on the site for those of you that might have been to it, or those that have heard of it but not seen it.You will find in the garden various items that depic the culture and lifestyle of the cajun. These will include Dwellings, People, and a preserved area of the swamp that will show things as they were including, plants and vegetation native of the area and also a variety of the animals and wildlife..

Swamp Garden

T Man's Country Store on 4 Mile Bayou

Lake Inn Park

Turn of the centry House

Kemper Williams Park